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BARL Platform is the backbone of all the solutions developed by Masys Information Systems. The web-based business process automation platform is built entirely upon open-source technology, using the latest paradigms of software development such as aspect-oriented development, distributed systems, big data and parallel processing

BARL Platform Modules

The Platform Consist of the Following Logical Layers

  • Database Layer

    Semantic and/or SQL and/or NoSQL Databases, File Storage, Clusterization

  • Business Concept Layer

    Pre-defined business concepts, relations, properties, search, data input, extraction mechanisms

  • Engine

    Compiles the Changes in Business Concept Layer into new DB structure

  • Configuration Layer

    Configuration of Business Concept Layer and Visual/Interface Layer using special editors and/or through custom development

  • Visual/Interface layer

    User facing system generated interfaces with customization possibility

  • APIs

    Standardized APIs allowing integration with third party software systems

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