all in one, online construction management solution

Comprehensive construction management solution to help you increase operational efficiency and bring control and transparency to the whole construction project cycle

Efficient Communication
Between Departments

Control and Supervision

Transparency and Tractability

Insightful Analytical Data

HR Management

Create and manage your organizational structure, teams, employee profiles and much more

Asset Management

Define and modify all the materials, works, objects and equipment that you use in your construction projects

Project Planning

Create the structure of your construction project, break down into pieces, create construction jobs, assign to teams

Estimation and Budgeting

Create estimations and budgets based on the project structure, use pre-defined price lists and construction norms.

Project Management

Create and manage material and service requests, complete jobs and input spendings

Procurement Management

Aggregate requests from all projects, manage procurement and delivery process with suppliers

Construction Warehouse Management

Manage asset turnover at the construction site, material receiving and dispatch

Equipment and Fleet Management

Manage the rental and operations of construction equipment, maintenance and repair

Construction Materials Production

Automate the manufacturing process of construction materials

Reports and Analytics

Make sense of the data to constantly improve your operations

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