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The most challenging projects that we implemented for the Finance and Insurance Industry


Used by privately owned ACRA credit bureau, as well as registry owned and operated by the Central Bank of RA.

ACRA Credit Bureau Big Data Cluster system is designed to collect and process records from partner banks and credit organizations on consumer’s payment patterns of different credit obligations. Consequently, ACRA provides its partners with web-based credit histories of persons identified by the system. The majority of banks and credit organizations in Armenia are partners of the Credit Bureau.

At present, ACRA Credit Bureau stores more than 1 million credit histories subject to update by 15 million new records submitted per year. It works in collaboration with 34 partners including 22 banks and 12 credit companies in Armenia. The fault-free operation of the system is guaranteed by the 16-server cluster operating on Linux platform.

Client: Armenian Credit Rating Agency:

Insurance Company ERP

A fully integrated all-in-one insurance automation solution which is based on advanced concepts of Business Process Automation.

The system centralizes all insurance business processes into one single solution providing comprehensive automation and optimization of the entire work cycle of an insurance company.

The system architecture is based on cutting-edge clustering approaches ensuring high productivity, scalability, redundancy and reliability. It enables automation of each branch office separately as well as the company as a whole and allows for customizations of system settings in synchronization with business strategies of the insurance company.

The system excludes double data input and distributes entered data across entire system modules securing real-time data sharing. The system supports branching through distributed database system, which ensures that each branch can work independently in an offline mode, with the possibility for synchronization with the central database afterwards.

Client: Export Insurance Agency of Republic of Armenia