Linking people, city infrastructures, technologies and services in urban sectors in a smart way in order to improve peoples’ quality of life, competitiveness of businesses, efficiency and transparency of local governments and overall sustainability of cities

Management of Municipality’s Internal Processes

Budget Planning and expenditures, Document and Task Management, Human resource management and much more.

Management of City Infrastructure and Property

Register and manage the city property from districts to streets and buildings, elevators, parks, playgrounds and even every tree as separate objects using convenient GIS interfaces

City and Service Providers Relationship Management

Register every economic operator providing services to the city and manage relations electronically through flexible and convenient business processes

Citizen – Municipal Government Relationship Management

Connecting citizens and municipal government into one information space in order to enable participatory governance

Reports and Analytics

Analyzing the data generated in the city to enable better decision making

The solution is based on the most modern development paradigms and has an infinite space for further development and integration with other solutions and hardware infrastructures

Platform and a development environment

Built on Open Source Technology

Based on Big Data principles

Built on Web and mobile technology

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