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Some of our recently implemented projects in the e-governance space

Court Automation and Skills Transfer System (CAST)

Nationwide impanation of court case management and archive automation. 200 courts around RA are connected into one information system.

The Court Automation and Skills Transfer (CAST) is a software system that automatizes, entirely controls and essentially simplifies the court processes and duties of court personnel. The CAST system comprises automation of one definite court as a unit as well as the systematization of all instances of the court system. It uses tiny web client technology where users do not need to install any client side application, but use their regular Internet Browser.

CAST has 50 TB file storage capacity, which stores case records including documents, court image- and audio recordings with around 1.500.000 cases.


DataLex.am is a web information portal which provides real-time information regarding court cases in the Republic of Armenia as well as the European Court of Human Rights. As a source of data, DATALEX system uses CAST, which is an electronic management system used for management of court cases in the Republic of Armenia.

The DataLex system constantly synchronize with CAST database, receives the most relevant data on court cases, changes the data structure through data mining module, re-indexes the data into Big-Data (NoSQL database structure) in order to ensure seamless and powerful search functionalities based on various criteria for end users. Smart search functionality allows to search for court cases using unstructured query inputs.

The system also features infographics module, which allows to visualize court case data in a convenient and user friendly format.

Ministry of Defense of RA

This project is aimed to create a holistic planning and supply management logistic system for the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Armenia.

The system is currently deployed at several departments and divisions of the Ministry of Defense. It allows for central planning of the usage of every resource (military equipment, general equipment, provision, uniform, tools, etc.) that is owned or is going to be purchased by the Ministry of Defense. Creation of provision norms based on which the resources are going to be supplied to the different organizational units in the structure of Defense Ministry. Provision norms are created based on personnel consumption (food, uniforms, ammunition, etc.) as well as based on the tasks that the units have to solve (renovation of equipment units, certain planned operations, military exercises, etc.)

The system also allows for advanced human resource management functionalities, document circulation across all departments, business process management across all departments. Warehouse, Inventory and Logistics management (central as well as distributed around organizational units in the structure of Defense Ministry) A central system that allows for procurement planning, relationship management with vendors and suppliers. All this systems are interconnected with different business processes that allow for efficient data exchange, accounting for asset movements, inventory, supply and human resource management.

Movable Property Register of RA

Registers the right to a movable property both for physical persons and legal persons. After the registration a special workflow is initiated, after which the applicant electronically signs the application for the right to the specified property and pays corresponding fee for the registration service. The system has advanced search capabilities, allowing users search based on various parameters in the register. The main users of the system are Banks and Notaries in Republic of Armenia.

Arbitrage Court of RA

Prosecutor’s Office of RA

Special Investigation Service of RA

Compulsory Enforcement Service of RA